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A Different Shade Of Green

Win the Green Day tribute CD from Skunk Ape Records A Different Shade Of Green! Released on July 22nd 2003, this is the first tribute album dedicated to Green Day, with 14 bands covering Green Day songs from all their albums (well, 15 in fact, counting the uncredited hidden track - guess which one it is!).

To enter the contest, just answer this simple question:

« A Different Shade Of Green » wasn't the original title for the album. It was changed because of explicit content within the name. What is this name? (Hint.)

(A) Fucked Without A Kiss Again
(B) Sick Of All The Same Old Shit
(C) When Masturbation's Lost Its Fun

Rules: Contest will end October 31st 2003. The winner will be drawn at random amongst the correct answers and contacted by e-mail. His name will be published on this site. Anybody can enter the contest, except members of the team.

List Of Winners
  • Mauro Brambillasca from Italy
The correct answer was: (C) When Masturbation's Lost Its Fun

CD cover
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