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December 29
Check out our new section DVD guide! There you will find out more about the Green Day DVD titles available today and offers to buy them, including for example Pogo Paradise, which was recently released. New video of the week, with Brain Stew live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour.
December 25
Happy X-mas! Your gift: the new song on the Tabs page is Longview.
December 22
Download of the videos is available again! I already wish you a happy [and green] X-mas! Lot of new stuff coming up next week.
December 15
Our video server is down again, so no new video today, sorry about that. This time, it's because of copyright problems with the music videos. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible.
To keep you waiting, here's still a new and exclusive file to download: a very old version of Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? (MP3, 2.9 MB, 3 min 6 sec) played live 16/04/90 at Pinole Valley High School. Sound quality is not the best, but for such an old show... Enjoy!
December 9
New tab of the week is Good Riddance.
December 8
New video of the week, with Welcome to Paradise live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour. In the "For sale" section, check out a new offer from Luis for VHS tapes (PAL only) of Green Day concerts. This offer will last 4 weeks at least.
December 1
New video of the week, with the Minority music video. New tab of the week is No One Knows. The entire video archive is now available again for download.
November 24
Some people told me Pogo Paradise was released in the UK last week and that they bought it in record stores. If you own a copy and would like to write a review, please send it in! I don't know whether and when it will available in other countries as well, or on online stores.
November 17
New video of the week, with Longview live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour. New tab for Espionage on the tabs page. The video archive should be back online on a new server within two weeks at most.
The Pogo Paradise DVD release - an unofficial Green Day title from Chrome Dreams records - scheduled for Thursday in two days has apparently been cancelled, or postponed? I have no idea about the reason, please let me know if you have any clue. Interpunk.com simply says "Sorry, but this item is no longer available", and CDNOW cancelled all orders placed for this title saying "This item is Temporarily unavailable".
November 10
New video of the week, with the Time Of Your Life music video. This video received the 1998 MTV Video Music Award for Best Alternative Video. New tab is Minority.
November 5
Sad news: Green Day Online site at www.greenday.ws recently closed. One of the best, oldest and most copied Green Day site gone... Read this announcement from Dan O of the greenday.ws crew.
November 3
New video of the week, with Geek Stink Breath live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour. New tab for Hitchin' A Ride on the tabs page.
October 27
New video of the week, with the Hitchin' A Ride music video. New tab for Warning on the tabs page.
Added a new CD-R bootleg in the discography from the Manchester Move Festival this summer, with a live song to download: When I Come Around (MP3, 3:37, 3.4 MB). Sound is not good quality on this CD, but it's fun to hear Billie while his guitar amp suddenly stops: "Fuck this! What the fuck is going on? Can you hear everything? (...) We're not David fuckin' Bowie god damnit! This is a fuckin' rock n' roll show!"
October 20
New video of the week, with a song rarely played live: Church On Sunday. On the tabs page: new tab for Geek Stink Breath, modifications to last week's tab and a poll. Check it out!
October 13
New video of the week, with the When I Come Around music video. We also have a new item on sale, check out above the Goat Island VCD.
Attention all guitar and bass players! As of now, we have a new section for you. From Paul Wolffersdorff: Check out my first posting, When I Come Around, on the new tabs page. I will be posting a guitar and bass tab every week, provided that I have something worthwhile to post. I hope that you would take a look at them and give me some feedback. I want these to be a collection of the best Green Day tabs online, so send me any corrections and comments that you may have.
October 6
New video of the week, with Castaway live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour.
September 29
New video of the week, with Longview, Green Day's first music video.
September 22
New video of the week, with Nice Guys Finish Last live in St Paul, MN during the Warning tour.
September 19
Pogo Paradise update. Detailed information is available at digitallyobsessed.com. It's an unofficial and unauthorized release from Chrome Dreams records, the same label that released last year an audio CD interview called Maximum Green Day, not so interesting in my opinion. Pogo Paradise will apparently not contain any live music by Green Day.
September 17
Excellent news! Pogo Paradise, remember this name. This is the new Green Day video release on DVD/VHS. Release date (from videoeta.com): November 19th, two months and two days from today!
After International Supervideos!, finally there is a Green Day home video with original footage! From interpunk.com: "For the first time, Pogo Paradise goes behind the music by using interviews with the band and those who have known them along the way. Blending previously unseen footage, this documentary presents an overview and investigation into the roots of this extraordinary band."
It's still not clear whether it will contain live material or not, and whether it is from Reprise, Adeline or some other record company. New information on this video, including where to buy it, will be posted here as soon as available.
September 15
Here we go again... New video of the week, with the Stuck With Me video. Music videos were lacking on this site, so I'll add one from time to time! Check out also the new auction.
September 1
Back for more! Auctions started again, check it out. However, you'll have to wait a few more days for the new videos. The first one is tentatively scheduled for September 15th. Following requests, I can already tell you there will be some high quality MPEG files, so I hope you have a fast connection, or prepare for big downloads!
In the DUI story, about the question why the song was dropped out the final Shenanigans release, an informed source tells me it was "a band creative decision, no further explanation given".
August 12
click to enlarge!Green Day's DUI exists for real! Finally we have an answer, confirming the rumors. As reported by greenday.net and greenday.cc, noowaag.com got one of those rare 15-track unmastered promo CD and posted the song this weekend. It's an acoustic song with accordion and Tré singing. Download the full song here (low quality MP3, 432 K, 1 min 50 sec). See the lyrics, they are insane.
Here's also a short clip (MP3, 202 K, 29 sec) of the Green Day boys talking about DUI on the '97 Modern Rock Live interview. (Thanks to MxPx01039!)
July 31
DUI update. Still no proof the song really exists or does not. Form your own opinion! There are still chances Green Day's DUI exists, personally I'll assume it does not until I can hear the song. I reproduce here some comments I've received:
"Would Green Day have gotten amazon.com to play in with the joke, it just doesn't seem like something that they would waste their time on."
"In radio show Modern Rock Live from 1997, Billie talks about how they recorded 19th Nervous Breakdown and Alison. Then he says that they recorded one of Tré's song called DUI! Mike then says that none will ever hear it due to legal reasons or something."
"Remember that old Australian TV Recovery show that Green Day did back in '97? The one they got kicked off for playing The Grouch. Well, right when he introduces the band, if you listen they are playing DUI."
"DUI by Green Day had Tré singing and him playing accordion."
"I e-mailed the place that had that 15-track Reprise promo unmastered security CD-R acetate and DUI isn't on it. So it sucks, I don't think that DUI was released on anything."
July 28
DUI: the epilogue. Well, kind of. Here's what I found out: DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is in fact a song written by The Offspring. Here are Offspring's MP3 (2.3 MB, 2 min 29 sec) and lyrics to the song, which are indeed a tribute to drinking and driving. It was released in 1997 on the I Know What You Did Last Summer movie soundtrack. This was also around the time nimrod got released, at the same time than it was first rumored Green Day would release DUI.
Finally, I personally think this song appearing on Shenanigans is just a big joke and wasn't even recorded by Green Day. Maybe I'm wrong? Let me know what you think about all this story. Hmm... and don't drink and drive!
July 25
The search for DUI continues. It isn't hopeless! Some guy told me he'll receive a "15-track Reprise promo unmastered security CD-R acetate" featuring the track DUI. I don't know whether this is true, but reading the Shenanigans review on amazon.com ("... Sure, some of these tracks would have benefited from withering in obscurity forever -- like DUI a questionable mariachi-flavored tribute to drinking and driving -- but the rest capture Green Day in fine style ..."), it is possible such CD exist. Who's going to find it first? The race has begun...
July 24
DUI not on any Shenanigans CD. Warning! The japanese version of Shenanigans DOES NOT CONTAIN Tré's song DUI! This import CD contains the same 14 songs than the original CD. It does contain though a cool sticker of the CD cover and a booklet with the lyrics in English and Japanese to all songs on the CD, but no extra song as incorrectly advertised, neither hidden last track. To prove it, see the tracklisting of japanese CD on the lyrics booklet and cover insert.
June 30
New video of the week, from the 2001 Bizarre Festival, where... hmm... Tré Cool is having fun! Download only if you're 18+ !!!
June 23
New video of the week, from the 2001 Bizarre Festival. Also added two picks in the pictures section, and started a new auction!
For you guitar players, here's a tab to the new song Ha Ha You're Dead (Word, 32K).
June 18
From greenday.com: JapanFour.com has a strange, but nonetheless entertaining video someone made for Ha Ha You're Dead. (This is NOT an official Green Day video, it's more like a fan tribute kinda thing, just so ya know.)
June 16
New video of the week, from the MTV Live Without Warning in Seattle, WA.
June 14
The Ha Ha You're Dead MP3, previously available here, has been removed, due to Adeline Records not wanting it posted without permission. Sorry... The song will be released June 18th on the Adeline compilation Every Dog Will Have Its Day and then July 2nd on the Green Day b-sides collection Shenanigans.
June 9
New video of the week, from the Musique Plus show last year. Also added the japanese Poprocks & Coke single in the Discography section.
A new auction for a Woodstock CD started. Check it out, there are pictures and MP3 from the concert to download.
June 2
New video of the week, from the 2001 Bizarre Festival.
May 26
New video of the week, from LA Pool Party where Tré is wearing a gas mask! A new auction also started, check it out.
May 19
New video of the week, from the 2001 Bizarre Festival. That's gotta be the greatest video yet of Billie getting pissed off at a concert official!
In other news, I added some Millencolin pictures that I took two weeks ago at their concert in Barcelona, Spain. If you don't know it, I recommend this excellent band from Sweden! Speaking of photos, check out these two nice Green Day pictures from the current Pop Disaster Tour: Oakland, Calif., 04/29/02 | Chula Vista, Calif., 04/25/02 (from pollstar.com).
May 12
New video of the week, a rare video from UK TV. This proudly celebrates the 100th video released on greendayvideos.com! You now have over 1 GB to download on this site! I selected some of the best of those 100 videos, created higher quality files and put them on a CD-ROM. For a limited time, you can get this CD at a very special low price, check out CD contents and ordering infos.
Also thanks to everyone who showed their support on the guestbook or on my e-mail up to here!
May 5
New video of the week, with a clip I got many requests for: 86 at David Letterman. Check it out! Next week, we are celebrating the 100th video on this site! Stay tuned for some surprises...
The concert date at the Montreux festival announced last week is cancelled! From the festival site: "(...) will be replacing the group Green Day, which has postponed its European tour dates." At my knowledge, this does not concern the UK tour, that is still on.
April 28
New video of the week, with Minority live in Australia.
Green Day added a tour date: Sunday, July 7, 2002 at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland. More infos on the festival site.
April 21
New video of the week, from the MTV Live Without Warning in Seattle, WA.
April 14
New video of the week, from the MTV Jaded in Chicago.
April 7
New video of the week, from the MTV Live Without Warning in Seattle, WA.
March 31
New video of the week, from the MTV 2 First Listen.
March 24
New video of the week, from a concert in Paris, France. Also added a video excerpt of the St. Paul, MN concert from the DVD.
March 17
New video of the week, from the MTV Live Without Warning in Seattle, WA.
March 10
New video of the week, from the MTV Europe studios. This video was already on the site, but only an excerpt. The auction for the Warning promo CD is over, congratulations to the winner!
March 3
New video of the week, from the MTV Jaded In Chicago concert.
February 24
New video of the week, from the MTV Live Without Warning in Seattle, WA. Check out our new auctions thing above! We'll try to add new items every week or two.
Also added in the Discography a new bootleg called Burnout, from a 1994 show in Belgium, with a song to download: At the Library (MP3, 2:42, 2.5 MB).
February 5
EXPN released five brand new Green Day videos from the X Games in Aspen last month! The links:
[QuickTime, 14,012K]
  Geek Stink Breath
[QuickTime, 8,316K]
[QuickTime, 9,394K]
When I Come Around
[QuickTime, 11,370K]
Welcome to Paradise
[QuickTime, 14,629K]
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