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DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Unreleased song, originally expected on Shenanigans
Lyrics by Tré Cool

Let's get drunk and go out driving
Let's see just how quickly we can goooooo
Let's get ploughed and plough down some old lady
Let's just drink and bump the stereo

Let's go down and vomit out of the window
Let's keep score of how many we kill
Two tequila slammers on the dashboard
There's an alcoholic at the wheel

Careful when I'm taking this next corner
Don't want anybody wasting beer
Pass another lime and Corona
Too drunk to use my clutch when shifting gear

Let's get drunk and go out driving
Let's do prodies in the cul de sac
Let's get drunk and go out driving
We're going and we're never coming back

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Here are the lyrics to Offspring's DUI:

3:00 in the morning and I gotta be someplace
I don't remember where
Friends try to make me stay or call me a cab home
I grab my keys and a beer

The cops, they took my licence away
But I got my car out of impound today
I've been drunk since last saturday
Better stay out of my way

I drink and drive
Feel so alive
I'll never take that dive
Feel so alive
I'm doin' ninety-five
I drink and drive
I feel so alive
I drink and drive

Early in the morning and the freeway's deserted
Like it's all mine
I'm trying to set a new drunken speed record
But I can't drive a straight line
Flashing lights, split in the night
I'm tossing bottles as I swerve to the right
Now I've slammed my face into the back of a big rig
At least you'll never get me, you fucking pigs!

Designate someone other than me
I'm so drunk I can hardly see
Another shot of jagger and I turn the key
I got so many places to be

When I'm on a binge, my friends all cringe
They won't drive at night
Cause way down on the freeway it's such a fright
But I think I drive alright

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