Concert reviews

November 5, 2002

Yes, it is true goes right to Brian from owns now. started to experience some problems (like it was saying "This site was not found"). So Brian decided for the URL go link right to For you that had '' e-mail accounts, I'm pretty sure they're terminated.

I got some e-mails from fans saying "Why is gone, it was the best green day site ever?". And I agree, it was. Not because I was a part of it, but I have been a fan of that site since I first started using the Internet, I have been a fan from the beginning. And then when I joined I thought I was part of the "Green Day website crew" which I would like to call. I would just like to say "thank you" to everyone that helped me out, and made it fun. I don't plan on leaving the "Green Day website crew" right now, I plan to make a return. I don't know when but I plan to.

And this site ( will never let you down, it's the best Green Day site on the web by far! François rules! Be glad you have a site like this!

-Dan O. <>
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