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#GreenDayVideos is an IRC channel to exchange videos and music, or simply to chat with people who like Green Day. To reach the channel you need a chat program (called an IRC client), like mirc32 for Windows (download at or Ircle for Mac (download at Install the program, connect to an EFNET server and type /join #greendayvideos

mIRC screenshot
Screenshot of mIRC program in channel #greendayvideos (click to enlarge)

We are trying to start an IRC channel on EFNET. The channel is #greendayvideos and the purpose is to get everyone with large archives of Green Day videos into one place, so that everyone can share with each other, and spread the love of Green Day videos. We have our own mIRC client to use so you can serve the files easily (we can help you with setting up).

mIRC screenshot
Screenshot of mIRC program with a private chat (click to enlarge)

Just need people with Internet speeds of 15 KB/sec + and an interest in Green Day. If you interested msg nofx-punk or auditek.

Sergey (nofx-punk)

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